Today the most popular lobsters consumed are the American and Spiny lobster which can be found all around the world.

The process of cleaning these lobsters require special skills that if done incorrectly can lead to injury or illness. Let me elaborate these issues. The intestinal tract can be removed from the lobster a few different ways.

The most common kitchen utensil used on both lobster species is a sharp fillet knife. A knife is dangerous because the lobster has a round shaped body, and the knife can easily slip and injure a hand. Most times the lobster is fresh and still alive, which causes another issue when handling a sharp object. Even professional chefs struggle to clean lobster with sharp knives and are sometimes very hesitant to use them.

Spiny lobster has different features than the American lobster but similar anatomy. This lobster has pointy antennas that may be used to remove the intestinal tract, but this method also has some issues. The antenna is sharp as a thorn and can carry bacteria that may contaminate the meat. The small thorns on the antenna can also break off into the lobster meat, which would not be pleasant to eat. Both methods are ineffective because of the danger and risk involved when performing this complicated task.

What if I told you that there is a kitchen utensil that is designed specifically to help remove the intestinal tract without any significant issues or any special training. This product has been proven to be more simplistic and the safest method by the restaurant and dive industry.

This product is proven to save-time and be hassle-free in two easy steps. Insert the lobster deveiner into the lobsters opening of the tail, give the tool a twist and pull straight out. Attached will be the intestinal tract and your lobster is now ready to be cooked to your preference.

D Vein is designed for everyone, not just professional chefs. No longer do you need to worry about picking up new skills just to prepare a lobster at home. This convenient tool takes care of everything.

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