How To Clean a Lobster

Do you love eating lobster, but hate the process of cleaning them? It can be tedious and just frustrating. Cleaning a lobster tail is very important, and most people fail to realize, how to clean a lobster tail correctly. Lobsters have an intestinal tract that must be removed before cooking. Skipping this step, or removing it incorrectly can cause the meat to spoil from bacteria. This then can lead to serious health complications.

Step One:

Take the lobster tail, or whole lobster if you prefer to keep the head attached to the tail, and flip it over belly up so you can insert the lobster intestinal remover tool.

Step Two:

Insert the barbed part of the lobster tail cleaning tool into the lobster’s anus, about half way. Rotate the lobster intestinal remover clockwise, for half a turn.

Step Three:

Hold the tail firm and pull the tool straight out. Attached will be the intestinal tract, and your lobster is now ready to be cooked to your preference. You can buy the Lobster cleaning tool online at an affordable price on our website.