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FASTEST WAY TO CLEAN A LOBSTER – Pro chefs know the value of time when it comes to preparing the perfect dish. Getting the intestinal tract out of a lobster typically requires separating the tail from the body then butterflying the tail in order to pull the dark colored thread. Our chef seafood tool eliminates this time consuming process, while also keeping the lobster whole by using this incredible seafood kitchen utensil that gets the job done in under a minute.

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This product contains sharp edges and intended for lobster deveining only. Use hand and eye protection while handling. Keep away from children.

6 reviews for D Vein Lobster Tool (Orange)

  1. Rich Kaselberry

    Works great on lobster! Most sanitary way to clean them yet. Glad I’ve been able to get some practice as we approach lobster season. I know the best lobster traps that I plan to hit up in the next few weeks. Well done on this product DVein. Look forward to seeing future products from you.

  2. Jax

    Wow… I waited until after the start of Lobster season to give this honest review. Let me just say, the days of dreading cleaning my caught lobsters are long gone. To anyone thinking “I can just use the free antenna”, just remember you could also use a butter knife to filet your fish, but you bought a filet knife. This is an extremely efficient luxury item. I cleaned 58 lobsters for my family yesterday in roughly a quarter amount of the time it would have taken me before. No more needing to break off correctly sized antennas, jabbing my hand, etc… The learning curve was extremely fast. Rip the tale, insert the tool, twist, remove, and lastly fling the insides. Glad I added this to my arsenal.

  3. Sam

    D Vein Company stands behind their quality products. I have deveined over 100 lobsters this season with the Lobster D Vein Tool and still don’t need to replace it. It makes life so much easier!

  4. James

    We ordered a few D Vein Lobster Tools for our trip to the Bahamas and were lost in shipping. We contacted D Vein Company and they were on top of it! They over knighted us the deveners and we had them in time for our trip! When we were back from our trip the original tools had finally arrived. We contacted D Vein Company, and they told us to keep the original tools and that they value us as customers. Thank you for such outstanding customer service!

  5. Matt T

    Every season my friends and I catch between 300 to 500 lobsters. We can’t get over how convenient the D Vein Lobster Tool is! I got tired of using the antenna of the lobster and have cuts all over my hands. The D Vein Lobster tool is so safe and I don’t have to were gloves while deveining lobsters.

  6. Zack

    I’m a personal chef and cook for high end clients. My team and I use the Lobster D Vein Tool on all our Maine, and spiny lobsters. The best part is that we devein the lobsters with the head on. Its our go to kitchen utensil when it comes to lobsters.

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